Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the answers to common questions. If you're unable to find the information you need, please contact us.

PUBLISHERS | Sell Traffic

Your income directly depends on the number of visitors, advertising blocks of other networks, and user activity on the website.

We pay once a week using any method that is convenient to you
Most likely – yes. to get a better offer, you need to submit a request and tell the manager about the terms you currently have with other networks. please note that the manager might ask you for additional information.

Yes, we focus and buy out advertisement on adult websites. Adult sites are accepted, we DONOT allow child porn or animal porn. 

To start earning money on your site, you need to register. then place the advertising code on your website and collect income.
You will receive your money within 3-5 days from the time the payment is made (every Monday if the minimum withdrawal amount is reached). 7-14 days for bank wire transfer.

You may not receive your money due to one or several reasons

  1. Your payment details are incorrect;
  2. There was a problem on the payment system side

In the first case, you need to notify our support service about incorrect payment details as soon as possible and change them in your personal account (we cannot guarantee the receipt of your current payment).

In the second case, you need to contact the payment system and find out the reason for the delay in the transfer.

None of your sites have been moderated yet. Wait for moderation results.
Your site does not satisfy our requirements. We don’t accept non-working sites, sites with prohibited content, low content or no content, sites promoting violence, drug use and distribution. If your site is rejected, fix the reason of rejection and send a new moderation request.
We give webmasters the opportunity to work on CPC or CPM models. Each webmaster can choose a work model, as well as individual conditions, based on the quality of traffic of his website.

The system doesn’t accept the site for one of the following reasons:

  1. The site has already been added to the system and is being used by another user;
  2. The site has already been added to the system, but was banned;
  3. You have not confirmed the rights of the owner for the site.
You will receive a confirmation letter within 24 hours.
Turn off AdBlock in your browser and check if the widget are installed correctly.
Yes. AdsXyz has the right to make some adjustments to the current rate, after notifying the webmaster.
A suspicious activity has been detected on your site. Your site cannot continue to work in our system and broadcast our advertising.
Fraudulent activity has been detected on your sites.
Yes. You need to inform us which ad network you worked with, the reason for leaving and give us statistics for the maximum possible period of cooperation with other ad network. The data should display the daily number of views, clicks and your income.
No. The widget should be located only on the site for which it was created.
No. Follow the simple rules: 1 widget – 1 spot. You can move a widget from one spot to another, but not place it on several spots at the same time.
The support service will respond to your request within 1-2 days from the moment the request is received.
Average CPM depends on various factors like Country, Browser, OS etc. but we make sure our CPM will be higher than other networks.
Most websites are accepted including free websites like blogspot, wix etc.
Usually we will send the payment in about 24 to 48 hours after the request is sent (on Weekdays), sometimes it may also take up to a week if there is any issue with the payment processor.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 50$. You can choose to receive your payments through PayPal, Payza & Bitcoin for Wire Transfer it is $500.


All Advertisers can pay via Wire Transfer, Paypal, Payza & Bitcoin.
We can traget customers by using GEO, DEVICE, CARRIER, CONNECTION, OPERATING SYSTEM, BROWSER and other custom parameters.

Minimum payment for top-up your balance in the system is 100 USD.

Usually it takes less than 1 hour if uploaded during work hours. For other times it may take up to 10 hours.
Yes, you can cancel your campaign at any time. Please contact our Support department. All unspent money on balance will be refunded.
We’ve introduced a minimum cost per visitor which is currently $0.001 per unique visitor. The price is dynamic since the bids are controlled by Realtime Bidding. at our bidding system you can choose how much to pay per visitor. You also have full control over your costs.
A visitor will reach the advertiser’s campaign landing page only after it has passed strict and severe security checks. We have in house fake traffic filtration system.