Here you will find instructions for Webmasters, on how to register, how to work with account, how to add a site, and on how to set up ad widgets.

Register on AdsXyz as a Webmaster (Publisher). Registration is free and only take a couple of minutes.

Enter your personal information in the Registration form accurately.


After registration, you will receive confirmation letter. Click on the attached link and activate your account.

Contact our support team if you haven’t received a confirmation letter within one day. We will activate your account manually and you will start working with us.

Sign in to the Webmaster’s dashboard.



In order to start working with AdsXyz Network, select the “Statistics -> Websites” section on the control panel.


Add your site and confirm your ownership of it.


Note: After submit, your websites needs to hold us for review.

Wait while our specialists verify your site. Verification can take between 3 to 12 hours on business days.

After we approve your platform you will obtain access to the ad zones (banner, text) settings.

Contact our support team, if you can’t add your site by yourself.

Creating ad zones is available only after successful moderation of your site.

Go to the “Statistics -> Create Zone” section and set up display of creative elements on your site.

Select Allow for ad zone. We support 4 type:
1.NSFW — Nudity or other content not suitable for work
2.Gambling — Games of chance, HYIPs, ponzi schemes
3.Shady — Ads that pass other filters, but might be considered inappropriate by publishers
4.Risky Investments — High risk investments

Choose the appropriate formats for the creative elements and save them in order to receive the ad zone’ code.


After creating and placing a ad zone on your site, you will start to get income according to the CPC and eCPM model. If you want to work on a different model, please contact our support team or your personal manager.

Click for more information about the conditions of placing AdsXyz Network advertisements.

For the display of the creative elements, install the widgets’ codes on your site.

Please remember that the first part of code needs to be installed in the areas of the site where the ad zone is to be displayed.

In the case any issues should arrive as far as the placement of ad zone, please consult with our specialists.

Don’t forget to install the second part of the code at the end of the HTML document in order to exclude delays in your site’s main content.

By default, you can find all the codes of the created widgets in JavaScript. If you need to place a code on iFrame or iFrame anti-adblock, contact our support team.

Now add your payment information.

Go to the “Settings” and choose the “Profile”.


Enter your payment details fully and accurately.

AdsXyz Network payments are sent to Publishers on a weekly basis from Monday to Friday.

Notify your personal manager or our support team in advance about any changes in your payment details. AdsXyz is not responsible for the transfer of payment to irrelevant payment details.

Dashboard. Here you can find all the info about your current income, daily views and revenue, as well as the total number of ad views on your websites for the last month and the top 5 geo sources of your traffic.


Statistics. Here you can find detailed daily information about our advertising widgets on your sites: the number of views, clicks, CTR, income and eCPM (this indicator is not your current rate), as well as income from your referrals.


Referrals. Here you will find your referral link. Each new user who will be connected by your referral link to AdsXyz will bring you 5% of their income on our platform. Also here you will find a complete list of your current referrals.


Settings. Here you can set your personal data, change your password, choose or change your payment method, and also add all your contacts. We recommend you to have at least 2 channels of communication.


Support. If you still have any questions or you have a problem while working with us, here you can contact us or find the answer in the FAQ.


Congratulations on joining our advertising network. You’re completely ready to work with AdsXyz Company.

We wish you a handsome profit!