How do you get paid as a publisher?

Factors that affect publishers’ revenue

We use every chance to reach out to our publishers and keep them
informed about their earning prospects. Here is a comprehensive overview
of what you can expect as a publisher.

Our pricing model is built around the ratio between supply and demand
for traffic. No fixed CPM or CPC – actual traffic cost is a given fact
which is hard to influence on or accurately predict.

Ad unit earnings are affected by many factors, including the following:

  • number of unique impressions
    Please, mind that we’ve got an alternative way of counting unique
    impressions. We count as unique globally unique impressions which means
    that a single IP address will be counted as unique only once every 24
    hours when the visitor encounters any of our banners on any of our
    publishers’ websites. It isn’t counted as unique again during this
    interval no matter how many banners the visitor subsequently sees and
    what websites he visits. So, our numbers of unique impressions will be
    much lower than those reported by other networks or tracking tools for
    the same traffic.
  • number of unique clicks
    Unique clicks certainly affect your earnings but not that much – it
    just allows our system to differentiate between bona fide publishers who
    actually attract valid traffic and between those who believe they can
    cheat our system by “showing” our ads to bots. Clicks which our system
    seems suspicious (e. g. originating from another domain or VPN) won’t be
    counted as unique. Advertisers may reward you for any clicks generated
    by your website but it is not a common practice.
  • advertising campaigns which target your ad unit
    Here comes the impact of language, geo location, ad unit dimensions, categories defined for the website.
    Remember: our daily budget varies greatly from day to day as
    advertising campaigns come and go. We cannot promise or predict that
    your ad unit will match the category, language, banner sizes, budget,
    etc. of currently running ads.
  • content filters defined for the ad unit
    The ad unit owner might forbid any of the following advertising
    categories: NSFW, Shady, Gambling, Risky Investments and also s/he might
    choose to show only text advertisements. A number of our advertisers
    match these categories or they choose to show graphical banners only
    thus excluding part of ad units from their targeting.
  • ad unit display rate
    Our bot checks whether the ad unit is present at the specified URL
    and is accessible. It does so several times a day. If the bot can access
    the ad unit only once every two attempts, then the display rate is 50%.
  • size and location of an ad unit on a website page
    If the ad unit can be clearly seen and located on the page properly
    and falls into a popular size category it’s more likely to collect more
    impressions and clicks and earn more.
  • quality of traffic
    This is simple. We don’t accept bot generated traffic and we welcome good and honest publishers!

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